This is one of those subjects where I don’t feel like I have much room to talk because I haven’t been exposed to full adulthood which comes with lots and lots of bills. Having said that, here’s what has helped me so far…

  • Put money for bills aside weekly. Before I purchased my car, I’d listen to other people talk about how their whole paycheck for that week had to go to their car. I didn’t want that, so I set up my checking account to transfer a certain amount over to a savings account every Friday. Before I even look to see what’s in my account, the money for my bills has been put aside. Whatever’s leftover is what I have to spend for the week. When bills are due, I take the money I set aside out of savings to pay them.
  • Have a visible savings account. I currently have two savings accounts. One is used for school expenses and the other for car expenses. Since I use the method mentioned above, my savings accounts are setup more for spending. Because I know the money that’s building up will eventually come out, I’m not overly motivated to save any extra money. My plan is to open another savings account in order to have a visual incentive to save money since that has helped me in the past.