In Honor of Earth Day

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."Chief Seattle Hello and welcome to a blog post dedicated to our planet! Sustainability and making more eco-friendly choices has been something I’m trying to become more and more aware of. For years, I’ve felt that internal ping that I should …

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Hindsight is 20/20: A Story About My College Education

Saturday is the day I virtually graduate…eight months after I was technically a college graduate. It sure does not feel like it’s almost been a year since I finished my senior project, but I guess it has. I’ve been thinking about my education journey lately and I wanted to share a bit about it. I …

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Crossing Over to New Generations

Does anyone have those hobbies, sayings, ways of doing things that are just part of your family? As in, ‘It’s a Jones' thing’ or something of the like. For me, my mom’s side of the family is a crafty and creative bunch. Along with being avid readers, they also writers, photographers, drawers, painters, knitters, crocheters, …

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