Monthly Medley: April 2021

Is it just me or did this month fly by? It went by lightning fast. I wanted to take a moment before I get into happenings and food for thought to thank anyone who reads this and reads my blogs. Sometimes I check and see where my blog gets accessed from and it’s crazy to see how many countries and continents it’s made its little way to. THANK YOU so much for reading along.


On a little bit of a better note, I’ve realized this month how many new things I’ve put in place. Allow me to explain. It’s been on my conscience to make some sustainable and more natural swaps in my life. As it turns out, I slowly have. In maybe a little over a month’s time, I’ve switched to a more natural deodorant that comes in cardboard, not plastic. I’ve switched my lotion to something that’s more natural and not full of chemicals. I’ve started using a shampoo bar, although I’m honestly not sure I’m loving it. I’ll report back. I’ve tried to remember to use reusable face pads to take off my makeup at night, with coconut oil might I add, rather than a disposable wipe. And I’ve continued to go to the library first for a book to read over turning to Amazon. I know it may not seem like a ton of stuff, but little shifts and changes add up. They really, really do.

That brings me to one last thing. I’m really trying to make an effort to purchase any new clothes I may want out of better fabrics, like cotton, preferably organic, and linen. I’m also really trying to not add much to my closet at this point other than a few staples, such as black and white tanks, tees, and long sleeve tops. Nothing crazy. Let me tell you though, I have been on the hunt for a basic cotton tank top. Something I don’t have to worry about bending over and exposing what I have in. Something that doesn’t have giant gaping armpit holes. Something long enough that I don’t have to continuously tug it down to cover the back of my pants if I’m sitting. Maybe I need higher waisted jeans to not worry about underwear popping up. Who knows. I have ordered, I believe, 5 or 6 different types of cotton tank tops with no real luck. But I think maybe, just maybe, I have found one that will work. I ordered it in a different color in a smaller size than I probably should have, but I’m not about to potentially pay for returning shipping to send it back if I already paid for shipping to come to be. Ain’t happenin’. But I think I have finally sound something that’s going to work for me. I’ll link it here in case anyone is interested.

Food for Thought

I took myself on a little date yesterday to enjoy a pretzel and beer and also write down some goals. I’ve been shifting my goals from a mental approach to a feeling approach. I’m no longer putting down things I feel like I should do or should want to do, but rather things in my gut that come up and feel right. I talked a little on Instagram about this new approach (post linked here). I’ve set it up in my mind like a stoplight. Possible goals will arise and I’ll categorize them off of how they feel in my gut. Red means I don’t quite know if I should take that path. Yellow signifies feeling it’s something I ought to do, but might not need to immediately do or is something that may take more time to accomplish. Green represents those things that I know I need to do for me.

Well, in all of this goal-setting and goaling by gut, I’ve tried to keep in mind who I want to be as a person. So often we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up. But how often are we asked who we want to be or how we want to be? And not who we want to be as an occupational title, but as a person. What do we want to care about and stand up for? How do we want people to feel in our interactions? What do we want to do to try and make a difference? I’m sure that’s a lot for a young mind to grasp, but imagine asking high schoolers, college students, and other adults that. What if that guided us more than a paycheck? What if by knowing what we valued and who/how we wanted to be it helped us find the right career for us?

On the other side of knowing who you want to be as a person, is actually doing it. I’m sure we all have shortcomings, parts of ourselves we don’t like too much and hate when the light gets shown there, and areas and wounds we really need to work through and do some healing on. It’s certainly not easy and when our character has become a habit or shield, it’s a difficult journey to set about changing it. Yet, I remember hearing Brené Brown talk on a podcast about choice theory in relation to parenting, linked here. There’s also a book on it that I haven’t read but you can find that here. The way I understood it is you can give children a choice: You can either eat your broccoli and watch a movie with us or you can not eat it and go to bed now. What’s your choice? You can hit your brother and have your TV and gaming privileges taken away or you can not hit him, walk away, and have full TV and gaming privileges. What’s your choice?

Imagine if we turned that on ourselves because everything is really a choice. I can eat Chick-fil-A or I can go home and make a salad. My goal is to move to a vegetarian way of life, what’s my choice? I can say something sarcastic because it’s easy and keeps any ounce of softness hidden or I can say something nice and let someone feel good. I want to be kinder, what’s my choice? I can sit on my phone scrolling through social media for hours or I can get up and go get a 30 minute or 1 hour workout in. I want to be more active and healthier, what’s my choice?

In each choice we make, it either gets us further to our goals and who we want to be or further away. But no matter what, each choice is getting us to where we’re going. Where is it that you want to go?

Rundown of April 2021

Read and loved… Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Recently… discovered my blood type using an at home test. Also didn’t pass out from said test. I get queasy with blood and needles these days, folks. I don’t like it one bit. (Linked here if anyone’s wanting to discover theirs.)

Began… my Invisalign. It’s somewhat of an inconvenience and I talk a little funny, but I keep reminding myself it’s temporary.

Learned… that you can get bit by a ladybug. I released several to try and fight my aphid situation and one landed on me and bit me. There was a small red bump for a couple days afterwards. Who knew. I also acted as a mating ground for some other ladybugs. Happy to do what I can to help the future generations.

Checking up on… our caterpillars!!! They started off as teeny tiny baby ‘pillars and now they’re all thick and will probably be moving on to start their transformation into butterflies. I’ll put some pictures below. 🐛 🦋

Honestly… can’t think of anything to put here. Just being honest. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Finding humor in… cats. How can you not?

Hoping to… make it to the zoo or Catalina soon.

You can find me on Instagram @_meganmarlene.


One thought on “Monthly Medley: April 2021

  1. Ronne McLaird

    Morning, MM! Enjoyed your musings for April. You wore me out on that trek! Now I’m ready for a nap! 😊😍


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