Monthly Medley: March 2021

Another month with only a Monthly Medley coming out. If I’m being honest, I haven’t had too many ideas of things to write about. I’m hoping that will shift soon and I’ll have some more posts coming out in April. For now, let’s get into March.


This month marked the official start of spring (March 20), which means gardening should be in full swing for those of us in Southern California. However, I haven’t really been feeling my garden this year. I started some seeds indoors, they sprouted, I moved them to bigger pots, and eventually transplanted them with hardly any success. Add onto that that I’ve decided to do my garden in berms or mounds this year and my cat has decided that they make a good playground and toilet. I’m not pleased about either of those. However, my arugula, AKA my favorite leafy green, is thriving, so at least something seems to be working out. I also harvested some carrots that were probably unnecessarily overwintered and those will be making their way into some carrot cake cupcakes for Easter. (Is saying carrot cake cupcakes redundant? Does one just say carrot cupcakes?)

The thing I’ve probably been most excited about this month is the class I’m taking. It’s a class on humans and the environment and I have been enveloped in it. What I mean by that is I complain about having to do work for it and then read the textbook (first time for everything), watch the movies, look at the presentations, and feel completely in love with the class. It’s been great and it’s also made me think more about my impact on the environment. I’d like to talk more about that in its own stand-alone post. For now though, I’m focusing on a change here or there. Funny enough, I had planned at the very beginning of the year that I would work on making a more sustainable or natural swap this month and truthfully made no real intention of doing it this month, but it happened on its own anyway.

I guess somewhat speaking of goals, I believe I had mentioned before that I had put some sets of goals on my closet this year. Well, one of those included working out 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Y’all, I did it! There were many times I didn’t want to do it or be bothered, but I sucked it up and got it done. I have since updated some of those sets of goals and printed out a new 6-week tracker to continue down this road of regular workouts. I have decided to try Pilates for a bit and see how I feel about it and then see if I want to switch it up. I’ve been using the Sweat app for my workouts. It’s pricy, but I’ve found that it makes working out a lot easier. There are several programs to choose from, different trainers, different amounts of equipment used, different workout formats, and plenty of workouts to choose from on demand if the program you chose to do feels not quite right that day or you want to add in an additional workout. These last 12 weeks, I mostly did the BBG program with a few yoga workouts mixed in. Highly recommend for any ladies wanting to work on their activity level, but don’t quite know how to do it or where to start.

Food For Thought

Over the last month, I feel like the message that we can be anything we want to be has been ever present. It started when I came across some old high school classmates’ social media profiles and saw that they’re doing really awesome things like being a photographer and traveling the world, making videos, or being a professional cyclist. Maybe there were inklings of things to come back in high school, but maybe there weren’t as well. As a teenager, high school may feel like it’ll never end or that you’ll always be a nerd, popular, or the jock, but you can quite honestly be anyone and do anything afterwards. Sure, you can be anyone and anything during as well, but let’s face it, as a teenager it certainly feels like you can’t and you’re stuck with your classmates’ perceptions of you forever. As someone who’s been out of high school for coming up on 11 years, I have personally enjoyed seeing the transformations that some people have gone through. Whether it’s embracing their sexuality, finding a love for fitness and healthy living, diving into spiritual practices, entering a completely different field than what they went to college for, or starting their own businesses, it’s truly great to see. It reminds me that we’re not defined by our past and have complete permission to evolve into our truest selves.

Along those lines, I’ve been seeing several videos on Instagram of people dressing as if they’re going out on the town in the early 2000s. I find the videos to be quite amusing, but it got me thinking too. Trends come and go. We thought we were cool and dressed super fashionably back then, but 15 years later and we look back and laugh at ourselves. Guess what…that will continue to happen for eternity. Clothing styles will come and go, as will makeup trends, eyebrow shapes, hairstyles, and what body types are considered “in”. It’ll all change in due time and we’ll look back and think we looked silly. It’s how it goes. So wear what you feel looks best on you, do your makeup, hair, and eyebrows how you like, and don’t stress about trying to turn your body into a shape it’s not. You really can’t make your hips any wider or narrower no matter what Instagram influencers may try to get you to believe. Please try to embrace yourself as best you can.

On that note, also remember that you really can design your life. You can choose what you prioritize, where you put your money (if you have extra after bills), how you want to act, how you spend your time, what type of role model you want to be if you want to be one at all, what legacy you’d like to leave, how you want to respond and what you want to put out to the world, and what you value most. If we want to pave a new path and live a life different from what we know, we can do it. It may take extra effort to break old habits or thought patterns, but it’s completely possible to be who and how you want to be. Remember that.

Rundown of March 2021

Highly recommend… Finding Joe, a movie about Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. It can be found on YouTube for free here.

Currently wanting to purchase… a pair of Vivo barefoot shoes. They’re supposed to help your feet and toes move and exist in a more natural way. Want to check them out, click here.

Spending my time… working on games and activities to help the children I work with improve their reading skills.

Contemplating… trying to eat for my Ayurvedic dosha. Want to know more, click here.

Honestly… feeling good about life and who I’m working to become.

Finding humor in… my fear of grasshoppers, who honestly do a lot more flying than hopping. And why the heck can they get so big?! Not ok.

Hoping… to get abs of steel from the Pilates workouts I’ve started doing.

Just a reminder: Stay curious, get dirty, tune in.

Checkout my Instagram @seedsleavesbees.


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