Let’s Get Unfunky

If you’re a human, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a time when you’re in a funk. Trust me, you’re not alone. Today, I’m sharing several things that help me out when I’m feeling down.

Journal. My go-to is always to get out what’s going on internally on paper. Maybe you feel like you don’t want to remember the bad times, but here’s the thing, the bad times will end and good times will come. If the bad times happen to be for an extended period of time, there might be some good info in your journal about what helped you get through it for the next time hard times show up. Knowing what’s worked for you personally in the past is more beneficial, in my opinion, than any quick-fix list you’ll come across on the internet.

Tidy up. I don’t know if my mood affects my living space or the other way around, but there’s a 99.3% chance that the state of my room is an accurate reflection of what’s going on internally. Whenever I’m feeling down, I take a quick assessment of my living space. If it’s cluttered or unorganized, I take some time to tidy up. Getting things in order ALWAYS helps my mind feel more at ease.

Get dressed. Sweats and comfy clothes are fine on days when you’re in a good mental place. When you’re not, though, get dressed. Put on a staple outfit that will remind you you’re still worth the effort even when you’re struggling. If you need to sulk and be down, that’s fine, but do it looking good.

Move. I’ve learned that I am my best and I feel my best when I’m regularly active. If I’m spending too much time in my head or on my butt, I know it’s time to get moving. Sometimes I want to fight it, but lately I’ve been reminding myself that if I want to actually feel good, I need to do it. That usually helps.

Listen to music. We all have our own unique soundtracks for our life. I realized how critical it is to have the music you love readily available to listen to after I went a couple of years not listening to my whole collection of music. Reintroducing the music that represents your life and speaks to your soul works wonders. Having different playlists can be beneficial depending on your mood.

Avoid numbing. I know emotions can be very painful to feel, but I’ve learned that it’s better to work through them and process them than it is to numb. Numbing can come in all forms, too, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, exercise, shopping, etc. Being mindful of your typical numbing habits can help you recognize when you’re running to them in an attempt to bypass difficult emotions. It honestly sucks, but avoid the numbing and go through the trenches.

Seek calm/Get outside/Be creative. For me, getting out in nature quickly helps to calm my overactive mind and relieve some of my worries. Whether it’s nature or a creative outlet, do something that calms your mind and brings you all-in to the present moment.

Accomplish something. It doesn’t matter how small or large an accomplishment is, it just matters that you finish something. This could be as simple as washing and folding a load of laundry in the same day or making your bed. Whatever it is, see it through to the end so you have something to show for the day.

Intentionally relax. Rather than scrolling through social media mindlessly or watching TV just to have some noise in the background, do something relaxing that you thoroughly enjoy. This could be a bath, watching a show you truly love, enjoying a cup of coffee and a book, or doing a simple craft or jigsaw puzzle. Whatever it is, use your downtime to relax in the way that’s best for you and actual rejuvenates you.

Social media cleanse. If you’re caught up in social media and aren’t enjoying it, consider going without it for awhile. If you still enjoy certain people or accounts, unfollow the ones you don’t or mute them so your feed is only what inspires you and makes you happy. Trust me, it’s a game changer.

Reach out. Like I said, we’ve all experienced times when we’re feeling down. Sometimes the thing you need is to know you’re not alone. If that’s the case, reach out and confide in someone trusted. Fair warning: not everyone will respond in the way that you need. Through trial and error, you’ll learn which people or person in your life are/is the best to go to during the bad times. Once you know who you can really lean on, bad times won’t seem like as much of a burden.

I hope these tips are helpful, especially during these times. Let me know if any of them have worked for you in the past or what else you’ve done to unfunk yourself.


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