Goals: 26

Things have been busy lately and it’s made me think about the things I miss having the time to do most. Writing, working on projects, exercising, getting my hands dirty working in the yard, doing puzzles, dancing around, cooking or baking. I’d even add reading to that list, though, if I had all of the free time in the world, I still probably wouldn’t read. Exercise can sometimes be that way, too. In lieu of doing those things, I’ve been spending way too much money on clothing sales and realizing how much time I spend on my phone. So maybe I’m not all that busy, but I’d like to think I am. 🙈 It’s interesting how social media has grown to become something we feel like we need to check on regularly despite it not helping us to accomplish anything productive.

I was going through old notebooks today in order to rearrange my room to hopefully help me be able to do at least some of the aforementioned things. I found it interesting to see the themes that were consistent over the years. Fashion, design, cooking. I came across some recipes a friend of mine and I had created way back in elementary or middle school. Although we don’t talk regularly anymore, besides a text for one another’s birthdays, I messaged her to see if she remembered it. We chatted a bit and it felt great to catch up. Honestly, I look forward to her text the most on my birthday. It’s refreshing to know that even if people grow apart or no longer communicate regularly, they will still reach out. My birthday is actually the main reason I’m writing. It recently passed and a new year means a new list of things to do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find it HERE. Unfortunately, I did about 2 things on last year’s list of 25. That’s probably the worst I’ve done yet. Here’s to hoping 26 is more productive! And maybe a little more realistic.

26 Things to Do While I’m 26

  1. Go to a new MLB stadium (AT&T, Coliseum, Globe Life, Minute Maid) or state
  2. Go salsa dancing
  3. Save $1,000+
  4. Start to learn a new language / Complete a Duolingo
  5. Get a passport
  6. Record myself dancing and post it to social media
  7. Learn how to do 5 hairstyles
  8. Master / Create 5 recipes
  9. Write a children’s book (doesn’t need to get published)
  10. Be able to do a kip
  11. Find a perfume I love
  12. Go to a vegan food fair
  13. Be able to do a flag hold
  14. Be able to do a handstand press
  15. Complete a 5,000-piece (or more) jigsaw puzzle
  16. Watch all Star Wars movies
  17. Do an allergy test
  18. Complete a mud run
  19. Read 10 children’s books
  20. Read a science book (Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin, Seeds)
  21. Read a book about education (Frames of Mind, Creative Schools, It Takes a School, Free to Learn)
  22. Read a book for self-improvement (Daring Greatly)
  23. Read a book that introduces me to a new perspective (Twelve Years a Slave)
  24. Read an autobiography or book set in another country (A Thousand Hills to Heaven and I Was Right on Time)
  25. Keep a “Do Something Good Today” daily journal
  26. Volunteer (Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity)

3 thoughts on “Goals: 26

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